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The Planning Process

Step 1

Comprehensive Data Gathering. We carefully work with you and your family to fully explore, understand and develop your ideal vision, values and goals.

Step 2

Analysis The second step entails an analysis of your current situation to determine where your current arrangements are inconsistent with your objectives. In this step, we will create financial models reflecting not only your current but future situation-your assets, cash flow, and taxes, to allow us to better understand your situation and test alternatives. We will discuss our findings with you, and mutually explore alternatives.

Step 3

Strategic Plan. We present the strategic plan reflecting your objectives that will help you best achieve your goals. Every plan is custom designed, and all of our recommendations are in writing.

Step 4

Implementation. Here's where we help ensure that your strategic financial plan is put into action, and that each component is professionally coordinated and fully integrated. We also offer annual planning services to help ensure that your financial plan remains current and continues to meet your objectives.