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About Us

Our Mission

To deliver objective, strategic and prudent advice designed to preserve, grow and transfer your assets - a "total solution" to help meet your financial goals.


Our Philosophy

Over 50 years ago, we embraced the "Serve First" philosophy - and it's still the defining way we conduct business today. As part of this philosophy:

  • We provide you with solutions and alternatives, but you make the final decisions about your financial future.
  • Your financial plan can be systematically reviewed to ensure it remains consistent with your long-term goals and objectives, and is aligned with our changing world.
  • You enjoy confidential, highly customized, personal service.


Culture and Service

Our Clients

Our clients are highly successful and most of them have very competent advisors such as attorneys and accountants who have helped them do some level of income, investment, estate and business planning.

The question then becomes, if people already have competent advisors, why would they engage our services?

The answer is simply coordination, or more specifically a lack of coordination in their existing plan and a desire to take that plan to the next level.

Clients have found that the difference between having their plan prepared and having it prepared as well as possible can not only mean greater confidence in their plan, but also savings of hundreds of thousands, if not, millions of dollars depending upon the situation.